2017 Glass Fusing


Most glass fusing methods involve stacking thin sheets of different colour glass to create patterns or images. The stack is then placed inside a kiln to be heated through a series of ramps and soaks until the separate pieces bond together. 

Though precise origins of glass fusing techniques are not known with certainty, there is archeological evidence that the Egyptians practiced the techniques as early as 2000 BC.

Introduction to Glass Fusing 

All Materials and Equipment use included. 


Fused Glass Pinwheel Bowl

Inspired by a beautiful blown glass bowl by Nicholas Kekicof of Tsuga Studios.com, this fused glass bowl project consists of twelve cut glass pieces arranged on a wavy edge clear base. Glass cutting skills come into play on this project as accuracy is important but as of note, if the glass pieces are initially cut accurately there is no need for further edge work like grinding as the fusing process smooths and contours all edges. The diameter size of the bowl is 12 inches and the colors are pre-set depending on in-store stock availability. 

Two Nights, Tuesday April 18  & Tuesday April 25, 2017.

6:30 pm to 9 pm.

$99 plus tax