Kona Stained Glass Ltd
1391 East 33rd Ave Vancouver BC

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Welcome to  the Kona Stained Glass Web site. Since 1984 we have grown into the largest art glass supplier in Western Canada.

We are a distributor for all the big glass names in the industry.
Spectrum, Uroboros, Bullseye, Kokomo, and Wissmach.
As well we carry tool lines from Glastar, Inland, Gemini, Glass Accessories, Skutt Kilns and lots more..


We supply glass and tools to retail glass stores, manufacturers, glass artists, studios, schools, government facilities and hobbyist's.

Also, as of November 2006 we opened a dedicated learning center with a variety of classes with levels of instruction for all. 



 Our staff have been with us from near the beginning of time and together they combine an awesome force of knowledge, service and reliability.

 Whatever you need, we'll do the best we can to provide you with fast, friendly and efficient service. That's our motto to you.


Phone: 604 877-1332  Toll Free: 1 866-759-1124