The Art Glass Learning Center 

Kona Stained Glass has a dedicated work space available to the public that has twelve separate work stations in an open air setting. Each work station has a full range of tools and equipment. There is storage space available at the station so projects stay in the studio. Your welcome to return during regular office hours to continue your project for either catch up time or advancement, get way ahead 

Introduction to the Art of Stained Glass 

These beginner introduction courses are held one night per week for 6 weeks. Participants should be skilled and confident in using hand tools or similar such devises. During these classes you'll be required to hold glass and handle it and even cut. Hopefully not your finger too. Patience is required in order to execute a suitable finished product                                                           

Lead Wrapping - With this method glass is cut and ground to shape using glass cutters, specialized tools and glass grinders. Each piece of glass is then inserted into thin strips of lead which has a channel on both edges. Zinc border channel is placed around the outer edges and the project is then soldered together at the joints with solder and a soldering iron. Putty is added to the gaps between the glass and lead. Moisture is removed from the cement. Chemicals can be added to change the color of the lead.Your final piece is solid, secure and weather resistant                                                           

The Lead Project - A leaded panel about 12" x 16". It consists of approximately 44 individual pieces, 24 which you cut and shape yourself plus 20 beveled glass pieces that are already cut to size.


2018 - Introduction to Stained Glass - Classes

All Materials and Equipment use included. 


Starts Thursday January 11th, 2018 - 6:25 doors open, class 6:30 to 9:30 pm

Lead Wrapping Class

6 weeks in total

Cost: $250 plus tax 


Call for Registration: 604 877-1332


Copper Foiling - With this art glass technique glass is cut and shaped to an exact size using glass cutters, specialized tools and glass grinders. Pieces are then cleaned and  an adhesive backed copper foil tape is evenly wrapped around the edge of each piece. The pieces are then then laid flat and arranged to pattern size. Solder is then applied with a soldering gun to all joints and all exposed edges, front and back. Chemicals can be applied to the solder lines changing the silver color to black or copper. The level of detail that can be achieved with this copper foiled method is incredible. 

 The Copper Foil Project - An 12" x 16" Copper Foil panel. It consists of 21 +/- pieces all of which you cut and shape yourself. Students will learn how to cut glass,  fabricate, solder and patina. There will be discussions on design and colour choice. 


Starts Wednesday January 10th, 2018 - 6:25 doors open, class 6:30 to 9:30 pm

Copper Foiling Class

6 weeks in total

Cost: $260 plus tax


 Call for Registration604 877-1332